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This archival record is the CLAMPCHARTER for the original ECV Chapters and their charter members as written & authorized by Carl I. Wheat and Ezra Dane in 1931. These founding chapters were to have tenure in perpetuity, ie. Forever! The material presented here was sent for safekeeping from Yerba Buena # 1 to Quivira # 4 at the beginning of World War II. It was stored until recently at Victorio Peak, an ancient Apache Cache used for hiding gold as well as for ceremonial purposes.


Venerated Past Clampatriarchs

Major Horace Bell, late of the Queen of Cow Counties.
Samuel Clemens, late of Jackass Hill.
Alonzo Delano, late of Grass Valley.
George Horatio Derby, alias John Phoenix, alias John Squibob, late of Sandy Ago.
William Lewis Manly, late of Furnace Creek.
James Wilson Marshall, late of Coloma.
William Bull Meek, late of Clamptonville.
Karl Frederick Hieronymous, Freiherr von Munchhausen, late of Hanover, Deutschland.
George N. Napoleon, late of Columbia.
Norton the First, Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico, late of Yerba Buena.
Count Gaston Raoul de Raousset-Houlbon, late of Hermosillo.
Johann August Sutter, late of New Helvetia.
Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo, late of Sonoma.

Grand Consistory

Adam Lee Moore, Grand Clampatriarch, 1518 21st. Ave., S.F.
Alfred R. Kirkwood, Grand Vice Clampatriarch, 1143 E. Howard St., Pasadena
John McSorley, Grand Honorary Humbug,Yermo.
Robert Greer, Grand Honorary Humbug, Yermo.
Dr. J.H. Carr, Grand Honorary Humbug, Yuba City.
Leon O. Whitsell, Ex-Officio Noble Grand Hambug, State Bldg., S.F.
G. Ezra Dane, Ex-Officio Grand Noble Recorder, Balfour Bldg., S.F.
Don Rogerio de Dalton y Zamorano, Ex-Officio, Royal Platrix, Azusa.
Carl I. Wheat, Visitador General, 416 City Hall, L.A.
Charles L. Camp, Vituscan Missionary, Gobi Desert, Outer Mongolia, China.

Capitulus Redivius, No. 1, Yerba Buena

Ansel Adams, P.B.C., 131 24 th. Ave., S.F.
Edgar Bennett, J.K.L., Broadway Bldg., Oakland.
Herbert Eugene Bolton, R.G.H., Bancroft Library, U.C., Berkeley.
Louis J. Breuner, J.Q.S., 2199 Broadway, Oakland.
Earl Burke, C.M., 2540 Wakefield Ave., Oakland.
Chas. L. Camp, R.A., V.M., Dept. of Paleontology, U.C. Berkeley
Roscoe L. Clark, R.K.G.S., Forum Bldg., Sacramento.
Frederick C. Cordes, V.G.C., 384 Post St., S.F.
Wm. J. Culbert, N.G.C., Wells Fargo Bank, 14 Montgomery St., S.F.
Charles P. Cutten, N.G.P., 730 Euclid St., S.F.
G. Ezra Dane, G.N.R., 1400 Balfour Bldg., S.F.
George E. Dawson, P.B.C., 14 Montgomery St., S.F.
Alphonse M. Duperu, D.F.D., 200 Broadway, S.F.
Francis P. Farquhar, G.I., Mills Tower, S.F.
Sam T. Farquhar, C.M., U.C. Press, Berkeley.
Walter A. Folger, C.P., 140 New Montgomery St., S.F.
Harold H. Forsterer, V.R.P., Tribune Bldg., Oakland.
Edwin Grabborn, R.C.M., 642 Commercial St., S.F.
George W. Hallock, P.B.C., Alleghany.
Harold C. Holmes, V.G.I., 320 Pershing Dr., Oakland.
Edgar B. Jessup, C.V., 1475 Powell St., Oakland.
Edgar M. Kahn, V.C.M., 482 California St., S.F.
Oliver Kehrlein, M.N.O., 3669 Clay St., S.F.
Lawton R. Kennedy, Clampastor, 242 Front St., S.F.
Edmund G. Kinyon, R.I., Editor, Morning Union, Grass Valley.
George D. Lyman, G.S., 384 Post St., S.F.
Wm. T. McSorley, G.N.H., 221 San Carlos, Oakland.
Adam Lee Moore, G.C., 1518 21st. Ave., S.F.
Thos. W. Norris, X.N.G.H., Livermore, Calif.
Donald Patterson, P.B.C., 2608 Warring St., Berkeley.
Wm. S. Porter, D.A., 3141 Webster St., Oakland.
Harry Noyes Pratt, P.B.C., Haggin Memorial Gallery, Stockton.
Milton H. Shutes, V.R.C., Wakefield Bldg., Oakland.
Jas. D. Stewart, G.C., Auburn, Calif.
Lee L. Stopple, R.G.H., 642 Russ Bldg., S.F.
Fletcher B. Taylor, G.S., 400 29th. St., Oakland
Arthur W. Towne, R.C., 41 1st., St., S.F.
Chas. L. Watson, V.G.H., 101 San Pablo, S.F.
Douglas S. Watson, X.N.G.H., 2005 Tasso, Palo Alto.
Carl I. Wheat, N.G.H. Emeritus, 416 City Hall, L.A.
Leon O. Whitsell, N.G.H., Calif. R.R. Comm. State Bldg., S.F.
Chester Wittington, X.Y.Z., 20 Second St., S.F.
Gerald W. Wickland, V.C.M., 14 Montgomery St., S.F.
Neill C. Wilson, D.F.D., No. 2 Claus Spreckels Bldg., S.F.
Walter J. Wilson, R.I.P., Broadway Bldg., Oakland.

Capitulus Platrix-In-Exilo, No. 2, Queen of Cow Counties

Charles Gibbs Adams, L.G., 919 Palm Ave., So. Pasadena.
Charles K. Adams, G.I., 560 So. Main St., L.A.
Reginald Balmer, D.F.D., 2079 Silver Lake Blvd., L.A.
Charles Bauder, P.O. Box 310, State Bldg., L.A.
Roland Baughman, F.E.E., 784 S. El Molina, Pasadena.
A. Gaylord Beaman, V.G.S., 2284 Morena Dr., L.A.
Garner A. Beckett, G.C.E., 621 S. Hope St., L.A.
George Bettin, D.F.D., Glendora.
Charles F. Blackstock, R.O., Oxnard.
Leslie E. Bliss, C.M., % Huntington Library, San Marino.
Lyndley Bynum, C.P., % Huntington Library, San Marino.
Robert G. Cleland, V.G.S., % Occidental College, L.A.
John Clymer, R.C., 2115 19th. St., Bakersfield.
Robert E. Cowan, X.R.P., 2403 W. 22nd. St., L.A.
Avery Craven, R.P., % Huntington Library, San Marino.
Homer D. Crotty, R.G.H., 634 S. Spring, L.A.
E.B. Degenkolb, C.V., 1138 Valencia Way, Arcadia.
Lindley Eberstadt, F.C., 55 W. 42nd. St., New York City.
Fred C. Ebert, E.V., 1710 Ramona, So. Pasadena.
William Van V. Ewert, L.L., 2121 Palm Ave., Bakersfield.
David R. Faries, D.F.L., 1275 Subway-Terminal Bldg., L.A.
Samuel M. Fischer, V.C.P., Covina.
Leo J. Friis, G.H.H., 400 S. Janss, Anaheim.
Guy J. Giffen, C.P. Protem, R.D. 1, Box 502 La Canada.
H.S. Gilman, P.O.X., San Dimas.
Stanley E. Goode, F.A.D., 1309 Spurgeon St., Santa Ana.
Bob Greer, G.H.H., Yermo.
Hugh Gordon, D.F.D., 3121 Monterey Road, San Marino.
C.E. Groninger, R.I., Glendora.
Phil T. Hanna, G.H., 2601 S. Figueroa St., L.A.
Osgood Hardy, F.O.B., % Occidental College, L.A.
Francis Hay, G.N.R., 2601 N. Chevy Chase, Glendale.
Max E. Hayward, G.F., 410 S. San Fernando Rd., L.A.
Virgil B. Heitzel, L.F.C., % Huntington Library, San Marino.
E.M. Henderson, G.D.P., R.F.D. No. 2, Puente, Calif.
Judge Edward Henderson, D.A.R., Ventura.
Don Hill, I.T., 233 S. Almont Dr., Beverly Hills.
Dr. Frederick Webb Hodge, G.S., Southwest Museum, Museum Dr., L.A.
W.M. Jarnagin, P.I., 109 W. Fremont Pl., L.A.
Dana H. Jones, C.C.C., 1206 Maple Ave., L.A.
Philip Johnston, G.C.S., 2335 Norwalk Ave., L.A.
W.A. Johnstone, G.O.M., San Dimas.
Arthur Kemman, G.N.G., 205 S. Broadway, L.A.
Elmer R. King, G.I., % Fremont High School, L.A.
Alfred R. Kirkwood, G.H.H., 1143 Howard St., Pasadena.
Ray J. Lann, R.I.P., Azusa.
Finley B. Laverty, G.E., 521 Civic Center Bldg., L.A.
J. Gregg Layne, X.N.G.H., 1016 Selby Ave., L.A.
Bert Lucky, G.D., Azusa.
Edward D. Lyman, G.G., 727 W. 7th. St., L.A.
C.F. Manson, F.A.T., 2004 Primrose, So. Pasadena.
A.B. McCallister, P.T.O., 1818 N. Kenmore, L.A.
Wm. V. Mendenhall, D.F.D., Federal Bldg., L.A.
R.C. Merriam, D.O., R.F.D. No. 2, La Puente.
Clarence F. Miller, S.Q., 224 E. Orange, Monrovia.
Dan B. Miner, G.A.T., 593 N. Wilcox, L.A.
L.W. O'Brien, G.N., 252 El Nido St., Monrovia
Frank O. Olmstead, G.C., 830 N. Marguerita, Alhambra.
F.M. Padelford, O.S., % Huntington Library, San Marino.
Donald D. Palmer, G.S.T., 570 Arroyo Blvd., Pasadena.
John T. Parish, F.I.T., 12239 Falkirk, L.A.
W.H. Richards, F.N.I., 331 S. Harvard, L.A.
Ward Ritchie, R.G.M., 2110 Griffith Park Blvd., L.A.
Edward Roberts, P.A.N., Azusa.
George Rodecker, T.O.N., 615 Monte Vista, Azusa.
Arthur Schleiter, N.O.T., San Dimas.
S.E. Skidmore, S.L., Azusa.
Cornelius Smith, S.C., Azusa.
Roger Smith, B.I.D., 329 N. McCadden, L.A.
George E. Spence, F.F., 118 S. Primrose, Monrovia.
H.A. Spindt, G.P., % Bakersfield Junior College, Bakersfield.
Milford Springer, R.P., 2825 S. Dalton Ave., L.A.
Terry Stephenson, G.C.H., Santa Ana.
Marshall Stimson, G.L., 802 Wright-Callender Bldg., L.A.
Jess Stockton, D.M., 2615 San Emidio St., Bakersfield.
Clark Thomas, C.M., San Dimas.
R.W. Thompson, C.P., 701 S. Walnut, Arcadia.
Thomas Treanor, P.I., 269 S. Coronado, L.A.
W.L. Ustick, G.L., % Huntington Library, San Marino.
Neal Van Sooy, V.A.N., Azusa.
Henry R. Wagner, G.H.O., 1135 Winston St., San Marino.
George W. Walker, F.E.S., 109 W. Fremont Place, L.A.
Carl I. Wheat, X.N.G.H., 2561 Hill Dr., L.A.
Albert E. Wheatcroft, G.I.H., 1410 Hill Drive, L.A.
Thomas Williams, H.I.P., % Santa Ana Junior College, Santa Ana.
W.L. Wolfskill, G.O.M., 275 S. Union Ave., L.A.
Fred E. Young, M.A.T., 5223 El Rio, L.A.

Lord Sholto Douglas Chapter, No. 3, Auburn

Dr. Walter Banbrock, C.Q., Auburn.
Clarence Barker, R.P., Placerville.
Charles Beever, G.I.H., Auburn.
Lyman Bolles, G.O.P., Auburn.
Dr. Conrad Briner, G.D., Auburn.
Charles H. Brown, D.F.D., Auburn.
Edwin Brown, D.F.D., Auburn.
Lafayette Burns, R.I., Auburn.
R. Lane Calder, T.O.P., Auburn.
Alvin Carveth, F.A.T., Auburn.
Jack Champion, G.C., Auburn.
Paul Claiborne, G.N., Auburn.
Herbert Clegg, G.O.P., Auburn.
Will Cluff, N.G.C., Auburn.
Herbert Coney, F.A.N., Loomis.
Herbert Cooper, H.A.R., Auburn.
Earl Crabbe, N.G.H., Auburn.
Harry Davis, L.B., Auburn.
Dorman J. Dobbas, N.M., Auburn.
Andy Dorer, P.U.D., Auburn.
Max Dunievitz, H.T., Auburn.
John Dunnett, T.O.T., Newcastle.
Walter Durfee, D.F.D., Auburn.
Austin Erskine, Q.C., Auburn.
Harry Furlong, C.V., Auburn.
Felix Gervais, T.I, Auburn.
Henry Gietzen, F.I., Auburn.
Dave Gordon, F.A., Auburn.
Pierre Goss, Jr., C.P., Auburn.
Nicholas Harper, Q.Z., Auburn.
Chester Hatch, H.H., Auburn.
Chris Heney, G.H., Auburn.
Robert B. Howell, H.H., Auburn.
Wilfred Jansen, M.P.H., Auburn.
Trevor Jeffreys, C.O., Auburn.
David H. Jones, P.I., Auburn.
Fred W. Junker, S.O.S., Auburn.
C.A. Keena, R.I., Auburn.
William Kinz, R.D., Auburn.
Louis Klumpp, G.K., Auburn.
John B. Landis, L.L., Auburn.
Charles Lee, C.V., % P.G.E. Co., Auburn.
Marshall Lowell, F.F., Nevada City.
Earl Lukens, R.R., Auburn.
Harvey MacDonald, R.P., Auburn.
Dr. J. Gordon Mackay, G.N.S., Auburn.
Robert Mason, T.I.N., Auburn.
V.G. McCann, G.N.R., Auburn.
John McLellan, G.N., Auburn.
W.H. Melinger, C.O.P., Auburn.
William Miller, P.A., Auburn.
E.A. Moss, G. H. R., Auburn.
Henry Oliver, D.F. D., Auburn.
Arthur Predmore, G.I.H., Auburn.
W.W. Polson, G.W., Photographer, Auburn.
John William Randolph, A.T., Auburn.
Walter Reynolds, Grand Keeper of the Blunder Busket, Auburn.
Harris Ricksecker, R.P.M., Auburn.
Wendell Robie, G. Goat Keeper, Auburn.
John Robinson, G. Hist., Auburn.
Dr. John Russell, G.D., Auburn.
Arthur Sather, T.O., Auburn.
W.A. Shepherd, G.H., Auburn.
Ray Shumaker, T.I.T., Auburn.
Ralph Sinclair, E.M., Auburn.
Ike Smith, T.N.T., Auburn.
James D. Stewart, R.P., Auburn.
Max Strasberg, G.J., Auburn.
Arthur Sweet, F.F., Auburn.
Allen Thurman, G.M., Auburn.
John M. True, F.O.B., Auburn.
Robert Tyson, R.I., Auburn.
Loui Volz, V.D., Auburn.
Robert Wallace, P.D., Auburn
James Walsh, L.O.T., Auburn.
John G. Walsh, C.M., Auburn.
Benton Welty, T.I., Auburn.

Quivira Chapter, No. 4, Santa Fe, New Mexico(1931).

Kenneth M. Chapman, C.P., Curator Laboratory of Anthropology, Santa Fe.
E. Dana Johnson, G.N.R., Editor, Santa Fe New Mexican,Santa Fe.
Dr. Sylvanus T. Morley,C.V., Director, Chicken Itza Project for Carnegie Institution of Washington, D.C., Santa Fe.
Jesse L. Nusbaum, N.G.H., Director, Laboratory of Anthropology, Santa Fe.
Carl Ruppert, R.I., Archaeologist, Carnegie Institute, Santa Fe.

New Helvetia Chapter, No. 5, Sutter's Fort

Roscoe L. Clark, C.P., Forum Bldg., Sacramento.
Jas. S. Dean, F.A., 1400 H St., Sacramento.
William Durbow, D.F.D., Grass Valley.
Frank N. Killam, T.O., 1512 13th. St., Sacramento.
Robert McKoy, C.A., State Capitol.
C.F. Metteer, T.N.T., 1137 43rd. St., Sacramento.
Al M. (Pete) Nash, A.L., 2500 42nd. St., Sacramento.
Frederick W. Panhorst, G.O., State Highway Comm., Sacramento.
Harry Peterson, N.G.H., Sutter's Fort, Sacramento.
Percy G. West, C.V., 2571 Portola Way, Sacramento.

President Walker Chapter, No. 6, San Diego

James M. Clarke, G.N.R., 1620 Torrence St., San Diego.
Walter Hussong, N.G.H., Ensenada de Todos Santos, Baja, California, Mexico.
Stuart Lake, C.M., San Diego.
Franklin W. Walker, C.P., 308 W. Brooks, San Diego.

Captain Jack Chapter, No. 7, Alturas

Albert Spicer, N.G.H., Alturas, Modoc County.

Floating (or Whang) Chapter, No. 8, Pacific Ocean

Grant Leenhouts, N.G.H., 103 So. Helberta, Redondo Beach.

Bill Meek Chapter, No. 9, Clamptonville

William Bull Meek, Late Respected Humbug, 1849 Platrix Blvd., Clamparadise.
Acton Cleveland, N.G.H., Clamptonville.

Ephraim Bee Chapter, No. 10, Lewisport, West Virginia

Boyd B. Stutler, N.G.H., % American Legion, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Balaam Lodge, No. 107,304, Sierra City

Tony Lavazola, C.M., Downieville.
George Taylor, N.G.H., Downieville.
Ross Taylor, G.N.R., Downieville.
Harry Tibbets, C.P., Downieville.

King Solomon Lodge, No. 107, Marysville

Dr. J.H. Barr, N.G.H., Yuba City.
Harry C. Best, R.G.M., Yosemite Valley.
H.B.P. Carden, C.M., 927 F St., Marysville.
W.E. Davies, C.P., Marysville.
Lou Eichler, G.N.R., Appeal Democrat, Marysville.
Earl Ramey, R.I., 1600 Yuba St., Marysville.
Randolph A. Schnabel, D.F.D., Yuba City.
E.B. Stanwood, C.V., Courthouse, Marysville.

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