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October 16, 2012


1) 50 years ago today was the beginning of the Cuban Missle Crisis

    This was accompanied with an increase of volunteer enlistments. Some believe this had something to do with the assination of JFK.

2) Red & Black - where did that fome from?

    No doubt black was a popular color for pants in all the United States in 1850. Blue indigo dye from North and South Carolina could not be obtained during the war so the Hussars wore red coats with black pants (with a red stripe for officers) and were well known in the foothills.

    The Hussars were active until 1867. The Sacramento Hussars carried lances on horse back in the civil war and camped at Camp Washington on Lake Washington across the Sacramento River. Their job was to protect gold shipments. The north and the south had a unit, and both had CSA raiders to deal with.

    In 1867 the Hussars were dropped from active duty but stayed active with some stated and federal funds guarding the pony express - there were no pony express problems in California until 1902. The Sacramento Hussars were escorts for government officials at all balls, etc. in the 1880's. In order to be in a parade you had to have a sponsor, so the Clampers went to the Hussars and claimed to have a band and were told they could march behind the Hussars' horses, and the members could march behind the band, but, clampers must wear red and black.

    The Hussars were disbanded in 1906 as they lost all state and federal funding and they lost the right to keep their horses at the old Sacramento Fire House #5. Also, many had died off by this time.

    Hussars originated in east Prussia were mercenaries that carried lances and were fiercely loyal. Cities, Counties and States formed Hussar units. In Sacramento Germans formed militia fully supported Zuwables (French with baggie blue pants). The New York uinit with lances went into the civil war but at the end of the war - no more; only the Sacramento Hussars remained.e.

Reported by,

Brother Don "Peanut Butter" Breeland, well known Historian Extraordinaire